Explore SGG Planilaque, a range of lacquered glass designed to breathe life into your interiors and bring wellbeing into living places. Inducing brilliance and freshness, the range introduces 7 contemporary trends to evoke innovation and creativity, not only from spaces but from you!

SGG Planilaque brings together the unmatched clarity and beauty of glass and the aesthetic delight of lacquer in one spectacular combination. Planilaque provides class and brilliance along with astounding design flexibility which enables it to be used for diverse interior applications including: wall and pillar claddings, doors, kitchen and wardrobe shutters, furniture - table tops and counter tops, lift lobby and common/break out area applications. It transforms your interior spaces by making them seem bigger and more vivid. Choose Planilaque the go-to interior decoration product for living and working spaces and see it come alive!

Select from 26 vibrant and trendy colors that can brighten up your spaces and bring home the finish your interiors truly deserves.

Exclusive Base Glass
Uses exclusively manufactured Base
PU Lacquer
Superior Polyurethane delivers long-
lasting colour and humidity
Humidity - Resistant
A Humidity-proof lacquer coating
Low Volatile
Organic Compound
Healthier indoor environment
Optimum Colour Depth hides the
mounting surfaces
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